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Solution For Psoriasis Disease

In today’s era, people are troubled by some or the more disease due to food and living habits. Skin-related diseases are being found more in these diseases. It is seen that the maximum number of patients is being seen in the dermatologist doctor.
There are many of these patients who have taken decades of treatment, yet did not get satisfactory results. Not only this, many patients got tired of getting treatment from the world’s big doctors, their money was also spent wildly, but the disease remained the same.
In such a situation, the Ayurvedic treatment being done by Mumbai based Doctor Mulla Abdul Husain Bakri Malapattiwala  is proving to be a boon for the skin patients. This treatment being done by Doctor Mulla Abdul Husain Bakri Malapattiwala  is ancestral. His ancestors also had mastered this kind of treatment. In this way, this quality of healing has come to them from their ancestors.
Most of the patients wish to be treated by Ayurveda methods, because in allopathy treatment there is a possibility of side effects, as well as more money is spent.

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Mulla Abdul Husain Malapattiwala


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